Monday, September 30, 2013

Chinese mega center concept: Wanda Plaza in Changsha

I went to the new Wanda Plaza that opened in Changsha a few days ago.
I once told you about this place. I also learnt that Wanda company CEO is former leader Zheng Zemin nephew...

Anyway back to Wanda Plaza all in one concept. 
This mega center is built in a clever way. It conceived as a all in one offer: It includes some hotel, some stores, shops, restaurants, cinema. It also organize many activities such as concert... to attract shoppers. It also includes some office building and some appartments building.

This all in one works well these days in China.
Many Chinese customers will go where you have more crowds, lights, shows, noise. And the bigger, the more offer, the more attractive a place is in most Chinese customers eyes. In fact the success of these huge complex is similar to "US style" shopping center in France a few years ago but at a smaller scale.

Network= success!
Then again competition is fierce. In Changsha another top China company developps a huge center.
In the end success depends a lot on the CEO network: 

  • Networking with authorities for the location will there be a subway station nearby? how about a bridge? a tunnel? how about the road nearby? some "historical site"...
  • It is also about networking with famous brands: cinema, 5 stars hotel (Sheraton or Accord group or...), LV bags...

I have never seen such a huge shopping center!
In fact there are not that many shops.
But what impress me is the space for the public area: huge very large alley, 6 meter ceilings or the vacant "wasted" space between one shop and the next. This is all for the image. Remember I told you Chinese customers want big size! 

This logo looks vaguely like LV...

Wanda Plaza hotel.

Wanda Plaza main competitor down NanHu road going down south also on Changsha river side.
The price is 18 000 rmb per square meter for the office space and the place is not in the city center as opposed to Wanda Plaza 24 000rmb per square meter.

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