Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chinese rage

Small "fights" are frequent in China.
People quarrel about something.

Here some drunk driver started to fight with the traffic police as he refused to pay the fine.

Traffic police check drivers.

The crowd caught a thief and he was brutaly beaten...
The beating stopped when they saw a foreigner with a camera...

In case of a fight it will be street justice. People will side for whoever they think is right... The crowd can also calm down the situation and stop the fight. Thus protagonists won't lose face: no one is right, no one is wrong.
Fights can happen for multiple causes: police fine, driving licence confiscated, moto confiscated, thief, alcoohol, mistress and jealous wife, car accident, personnal revenge...

It can be dangerous as many Chinese people wear a knife. In case of a fight they could use it. And you can see many men with scarf on their face.

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