Friday, September 20, 2013

Confusing Chinese customers: is it french wine?

For the moon festival, a Chinese friend received this wine as a present.
She immediatly searched the internet to know how much this present costs.
It is the usual reaction for Chinese people when they receive presents: search the internet and check how much it costs. If they don't find the price, they ask their family and friends how much it costs.

In fact in China, a present is never totaly a present! It is never free! If you receive a present or if you invite someone to the restaurant, or if someone does something for you... you should in return do the same, offer a present worth the same, help in return... This is guanxi. Otherwise you lose your face.
You can see this well during weddings. Guests offer money and the sums are written down on a guest book. The married couple should offer the same sum of money to their guest if their guest marie.
Knowing the value of a present is also a good way to know if your company, your friend... treats you well, appreciates you.

Of course the bottle has no code bar: impossible therefure to know the price of this present!
If there is no code bar, it means that the bottle is smuggled to mainland China without paying the tax. It is first imported to Hong Kong with 0 taxes. In mainland China taxes amount to 40%!

The label is written in french language which let think that the wine is french wine...
Furthermore you can see some castle and some coat of arms.
In fact the wine is produced in the european community from "vins de différents pays de la communauté européenne".
Where is the wine produced? Romania? Bulgaria?...?


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