Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fake macaron or Chinese macaron in China

Chinese consumers believe in some strong clichés.
For western food these clichés are pizza, hamburger, italian nooddle, salad, steak....
For french food some clichés include: wine, cheese, snails, macaron...

Restaurants, bakeries, food companies know this. If they want to sell in China they should sell these clichés food.
However there is one main barreer: Chinese people taste is very different from western or french people taste. Real macaron are much too sweet for Chinese consumers. And anyway cooking macaron is too difficult: you should use a special imported oven, spend on cream, bake in a two step process the outside layer and then the inside stuffing.

This is why many restaurants, coffee place found the parade. 
They develop Chinese macaron. It looks like macaron, it is called macaron but it is not macaron. It is much less sweet and the stuffing is also different. For instance the stuffing is sometimes made of almond paste.

Still this strategy can be difficult in the long run.
As many Chinese people go to France and taste the real macaron, they might actually complain that these Chinese macaron are not real... Or maybe they won't complain as long as the Chinese macaron are more tasty than the real once... that is according to Chinese people taste!