Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hurom slow juicer in Changsha!

Since I have some free time in China, I decided to keep a healthy life.
I registered to the gym, and try to exercice  everyday or once every two days.

I also want to follow a healthy diet. I think I need to take as many vitamines as possible.
However I am not good at cooking. In Changsha Chinese food is tasty but it is not healthy: too much salt, spicy, too much oil, glutamate...
Therefore I decided to juice! fruits and vegetable.

After checking on google and youtube, I found out that the best juicer is Hurom or Omega. These two brands are same. They are both built in the same factory in Korea.

In Changsha Hurom just opened its first shop! It is located in number 1 Pinghetang, in the city center on Wuyi road, in nearby Wanfujin. The Hurom juicer shop is located in the basement, -1 level.

They have several models. I took the one at 3000rmb.
It is more expensive than other juicers but it is really worth it:

  • This juicer is very easy to wash. It will take you less than 5 minutes to wash after use!
  • This juicer will squeeze juice out of any vegetable and fruit. The juicer will squeeze any salad leaves! Most juicer can not do this! The most important for your health are vitamines from vegetables!

Mr. Lee the Korean owner came in Changsha in 1995. We met back in 2006.

In China juicers have a shining future. As I once wrote, Chinese people don't eat enough fruits and don't eat fresh vegetable but they would rather have deep fried food, use lot of oil for cooking... But with the explosion of cancers and health problems, this will change.

The upper part will seperate and can assemble easily.

Check this video for more infos about the Hurom slow juicer.


  1. This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there.

  2. Hi...many thanks for the review...I intend to buy one. may you share the model number you have purchased? Is it a made-for-China model or directly imported from Korea model?

    1. I bought the original brand made in Korea, called Hurom juicer.
      BUT I advise you to buy a Chinese copy. They copied it exactly, and the price was 1000rmb!!! Vs 3000 or more from the Korean brand...

      I don't remember which Chinese brand copies Hurom juicer, you can check from google picture or taoabo.
      "Hurom juice copy/ Chinese version..."

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