Friday, September 13, 2013

Introducing Guy McPherson: human extinction by 2030

Today I would like to introduce Guy McPherson, professor emeritus at the University of Arizona.
A decade ago, as he edited a book on climate change, Guy McPherson pointed out that human have triggered events likely to cause human extinction by 2030.

As the north pole should complete melt in a few years time due to global warming, we entered a vicious spiral that we can not stop: huge quantity of methane releazed to the atmosphere, forest fire, amazonian drought... All this leads to faster and faster global warming. Ultimatly, for instance, while ocean temperature rises plancton that produces 50% of oxygen die...

Even though this topic is not directly related to China (though China being the main carbon dioxyde emitter, it has its share of responsability in the matter), I think it is important to share it with you.

All in video:

To go further, you can visit Guy McPherson website:

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