Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pizza Pizza, Changsha

Pizza Pizza is some pizza place opened in Changsha more than one year ago.
The ceo has lived in Canada many years.
At the beginning I really liked their pizza dough. I think the dough was probably prepared some cold rise technique.

Most Chinese customers don't care pizza dough but look for tasty pizza toppings.
However when it comes to pizza most Chinese customers don't care so much about the dough! They would rather care about the sauce, the topping.
Anyway Pizza Pizza changed its dough and choose some thin, crusty dough. In my opinion it is not really pizza dough, more like a galette.

A Chinese business strategy: opening several outlets at once!
Pizza Pizza opened many outlets in Changsha, near Linkeda university, near Zhongnan, near Dongtang...
This is another common strategy for commerce in China. I once told you that Chinese customers love famous brands. They would rather go to a famous chain, brand. Therefore some local shops decide to open several franchise at once. They will find business partners and open several shops at once. Thus this will boost their brand and help them. Chinese customers will think this is some important brand. This brand is a big group! Chinese customers want to shop there!

I like their potato salad with eggs and mayonnaise.
Their toppings are also good. They have some chicken ginger topping or also some sweet, salt salami topping...

Some Chinese business owner have really no shame... A few days ago I saw a fake Pizza Pizza... Pisa Pizza... ridiculous.

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