Thursday, September 19, 2013

Traditional moon cake!

Every year, it is the moon festival.
After the full moon, the weather changes. The cold weather will probably come back to Changsha.

This year someone gave me some home made moon cake. They are prepared by a old woman who does this since 40 years. She only uses traditional natural ingredients and follows some ancestral recipe. You should queue for hours to have a chance to buy her moon cake.

These moon cakes were really delicious.Ces gâteaux étaient délicieux, far different from the one you can buy in cake shops, supermarkets! The base is thin and you don't feel any oil. It melts in your mouth. The yolk is not too salty and very soft.

I also received this cakes. They are not moon cake but they taste exactly like a french meat pie!

Of course I loved it: puff pastry and pâtée inside!
I am so surprised to discover that this traditionnal cake is the same as our french meat pie!

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