Sunday, September 22, 2013

What moon cakes tell us about China?

During the moon festival you should eat some moon cake and offer some moon cake to build your network. Moon cakes tell us a lot about China.

You find different moon in different part of China.
I showed you the traditionnal moon cake, home made.

This moon cake is a Hong Kong moon cake.

This moon cake is a Taiwan moon cake.

This is Rosa bakery moon cake.

Moon cakes packaging is very important.
The cake itself doesn't matter that much as in fact the moon cakes are offered as present. 
A present should be valuable. It should be prestige. It should be of big size. I should be worth something. A brand is better.

In fact we can generalize these principles to all Chinese customers. 
They want prestige, famous brands. They want big things. For example they will go to big shopping center, eat in big restaurant, attend big schools... They want something valuable or perceived as valuable.

This is a photo of Rosa bakery mooncake packaging.

The Hong Kong moon cake packaging.

Rosa moon cake are expensive: 30rmb for one, thus they are valuable and worthy to offer as a present!

You have many different flavors. Here is a coffee mooncake.

So much waste in packaging.

And of course these moon cakes are unealthy, they can keep for months in their box...

This year moon cakes didn't sell well!
This is the consequence of the crisis and the new Chinese policy: administration and companies should avoid unecessary expenses! Expensive presents are a waste of money.
In fact many companies, administration chose to offer something else, something more usefull such as oil, live chicken.

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