Friday, September 6, 2013

Why most Chinese people want to buy a car?

Most Chinese people want to buy a car.
The Chinese government impliments the all car society to boost internal market economic growth!
They builds 8 ways roads everywhere. Road traffic lights are too fast and sometimes unsafe.

Once I told you  that cars are very expensive for a Chinese person. Buying a car is a sacrifice. 
Most Chinese people contract debt to buy their car. Sometimes employees will drive their company car. Families put ressources in common in order to buy one car.

This makes me wonder why most or all Chinese people want to buy a car? 
Answering this question would require a survey.
Still I can share my impressions and tell you some main reasons why Chinese people want to buy a car:

  • Functionnal. 
Chinese people need a car to go to work

  • Confort. 
In China it is often too hot or too cold, raining, snowing... 

  • The face, the image.
As long as they can most Chinese people would rather buy a big, expensive car.
Owning a car is for the social prestige. Other people see that I am wealthy therefore they want to invite me, help me, respect me...

One of my wife relative is a successful businessman. 
10 years ago he bought a second hand car. At that time very few Chinese had a car, therefore this car helped him a lot. For Chinese people at that time, if you had a car it meant your business is good and by consequence that you sell good products! Also people would trust you more and would like to be seen around you, to be your friend. People are very venal... If fact you observe the same with foreigners or beautiful women. Many Chinese people would like to be seen with a beautiful woman or with a foreigner.
As more and more people started to have car, my wife relatived bought a prestige car. I think some imported car such as Porsche or Ferrari. He could therefore stay in front of the pack, keep a head up.

Having a car helps to build network, boost your ego, helps to do business, to have girlfriend...

I have met several Chinese people who live at their parents home, have a rather low income but spend all their savings to buy a car!

I personnaly believe that most Chinese people want to buy a car because of the face, of their ego.
When you think about it: there is no realistic reason to buy a car:

  • You can always commute to work with the subway, by bus or using a electric scooter! It is even faster than driving your car.
  • Cars are expensive. You should buy one, then repair it, pay for the insurance.
  • Driving a car in China is hell. At anytime you can shoot some "brainless idiot" who crosses the road without looking... When you want to park it is always almost impossible to find a parking place and you should pay more money.
  • When you go out, you can not drink as you drive and police control car drivers.

This kind of behaviour is probably due to the advertisement. As I wrote above it is all good for economic growth... But there certainly should be another way to boost economy a more ethical one, that respect the environment and the people rather than these all car cities, the all car China.
Today only 2% of Chinese people own a car, let us pray behaviours change as the all car China would be hell...

The thing is wealthy consumers are too self centered. They won't choose to limit their consumption by themselves.
Even back in France my bosses at ConnectingEnglish have always "upset me" driving large landrovers and polluting cars. When you are wealthy and successful it is your responsability to show others! Why waste precious natural ressources, why pollute, boost the all car cities ugly environment when you can take the subway, drive a scooter or a bike?
As I never dare tell them all this, I hope my bosses read this and change their ways.

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