Saturday, October 5, 2013

A key success factor for Chinese businesses: a good design

As you probably know one key factor for successful businesses in China is a good design. It always important to remember this core rule.
This important rule is valid for most businesses: restaurants, cafés, shops, schools, hotels, offices, appartements to let...

The design should convey a prestige or else funny environment.

  • By prestige, Chinese customers want something unique, romantic, something big, a famous brand...
  • By funny, Chinese customers want something different, weird, surprising, exotic, something foreigner...

In the new Wanda Plaza in Changsha there are many restaurants. 
Chinese customers choose a restaurant according to some environment and some food.
Chinese customers want to follow some dream, some cliché: the romantic french, the cowboy bar, the London pub...

Baskin Robbins pink "kitch" decoration.

A western style restaurant

A sea food restaurant

A sushi restaurant

This is a very strange decoration with some highway in front of the shop... 
Some Chinese people love cars too much!

A fish restaurant

Fish head and tail are the best part according to Chinese people.

Here, fish and not beef meat is above all other food.

Korean coffee place.

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