Monday, October 14, 2013

A strange way to advertise a new appartement building in China!

In China, real estate companies always try to find ways to advertise new appartements.
  • They will advertise the location: in the city center, close to the train station.
  • They will focus on the green environment: outside of the city, quiet, surrounded by some trees...
  • They will choose to advertise the quality of their construction, the proximity of a famous middle school...
Real estates companies also have many "tricks" to attract potential customers: promotions, free events, helicopter tour, stars...

This company is one of the top Chinese real estate companies.
It chose to advertises showing some army tanks, cars, planes!
Thus it wants to show that it loves China. But what is the link with the appartement building?
  • Probably it means that when you buy a appartement here, you also love China? And you have face?
  • Or also that China is powerful and the buildings here are good quality, same as tanks? 
  • It also shows the strong network of the real estate company, being able to gather army tanks at the construction site... Therefore the company is strong and reliable!
  • I even heard that showing tanks might be a way to disuade any complain. As some complain that their lands were taken and the real estate company didn't give enough in return...

The famous Chinese plane carrier

Red flags.
This is something interesting. I don't think it is allowed to display some Chinese national flag but red flag on the contrary are fine.

The West Coast!? it is some USA name right? it is kind of weird, illogic to use it here: boasting on Chinese army and selling under an american name. But then Chinese people are seldom illogic (at least if you consider a western logic) and the new building is located on the west side of the river.

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