Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Architectural misery in China

In China new constructions are everywhere.
Countryside, old constructions, mountains... it doesn't matter. Nothing can escape.

Still all over China they are always the same buildings been built!

  • For the housings buildings, there is probably no more than 10 different style of construction! This is what I can Chinese architectural misery.
  • Next to a few prestigious buildings built for special occasions, Beijing Olympic games, Shanghai exhibition... you find all these similar housings building.
  • Office building are a little better though.

The central building is something new, a kindergarten for wealthy kids... In between new housings buildings there are now kindergarten.
Many kindergarten cost not less than 2000rmb per month to keep a 4 years old!

This building was built in 2007. As you can see it was already the same architecture back then...

A hotel or office building.

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