Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chinese building commercial strategies: location vs quality

In China many real estate companies follow the same strategy. It is location vs construction quality.
It all comes down to the new building location.

Good location
When a building has a good, central location, the construction will be low quality. Since it has a good location, why bother, there will be buyers anyway!

Poor location
Construction quality 
When a building is located on the outskirt of the city it will boast its construction quality. Many real estate quality will choose to have a better construction in order to make up for the poor location.

Decorated ready to use appartments
Some new building will provide ready to use decorated appartment.

Low m2 price
Some new construction choose to go down on the price so as to make up for the poor location. But the appartment surfaces could be bigger.

A good quality poor location building...

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