Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chinese national holiday

Monday 1 october is China national day.

One week holiday.
As a consequence Chinese people are on holiday from monday to thursday at least.
And most Chinese people get one week holiday. Even though they should catch up for friday and work on sunday in september.
This is something normal in China. Whenever Chinese people have holiday, days off, they need to catch up while working the sunday before or after the holliday!

Anyway the national holiday is with the new year holiday one of the two longest holliday Chinese people get!

Cities get empty. 
As you know most Chinese people come the countryside and work in big cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guandoung, provincial capital cities.
Whenever they have "long", one week holiday, most Chinese people travel back home to visit their family.

In a city like Changsha, I believe more than 50, 60% of the population is gone!
While analyzing which part of the city you still find people and where you don't, you know where it is good to invest: where locals live. In fact in case of a hard crisis, you can anticipate that the 50, 60% will go back to their hometow for good! Why should they stay in big cities if not for work?!

What does the national day mean for Chinese people?
I asked several Chinese people what the national day means for them.
The first answer was: it is the same as your french national day...
But then most told me it celebrates the founding of the People Republic of China.
And some Chinese people told me: before we had no right, this day celebrates a change in our rights.

When I compare with french national day I think there is some main difference:

  • The Chinese national day mainly celebrates the foundation of a new regime. 
  • Our french national day doesn't celebrate our fifth Republic, but it has more of a symbolic meaning. 

It symbolizes the end of the privileges and some kind of equality in rights between human beings, the basics human rights.
Even though when we look back in time the french national day used to celebrate the national unity and the Republic. And at some point this date celebrated the power of the people. But it evolved over time!

On the national day people watch a movie about the founding of the People Republic of China.