Sunday, October 27, 2013

Chinese people love to complain?

Most of us love to complain.
After all it is in our nature as human beings. We will encounter daily difficulties, challenges. Complaining is a way to ease our worries, to get rid of some part of the stress.

Still in France and more generaly speaking in the west, it is never a good idea to complain. Everyone loves to complain, but no one likes to hear someone else complains.
Worst, complaining might do you some prejudice. Others might label you as someone who likes to complain. Or they might use your words against you. They might despite you as you appear weak, vulnerable...
So that in the end you should carefuly choose the person to whom you complain. It might be your parents, you girlfriend, your wife, some close friend.

But in China it is another story!
A total stranger might complain to you! He will tell you how tired he is, that the weather is too hot, that he is very hungry, that a work is too difficult or boring or even that his salary is too low!

How can we explain that Chinese people love to complain to anyone?

There is no private sphere in China... 
You can discuss a lot with anyone and not only keep it to yourself or to your family. Even more I believe "some complaining" is a way to create stronger bonds with others? 

China is a group society. 
Chinese people will share as a group. Thus for instance cheating is rather seen as sharing some knowledge, helping others out. Anyway most Chinese people like to share, sometimes to boast their habilities, success, luck... sometimes as a way to get help.

Few subjects are taboos in China. 
Chinese people don't have the same taboos we have. You might talk about money, ask about salaries, ask about health, family, job, wealth, price... Complaining too is not taboo in China. Still sex or sometimes politics are taboos.
Chinese people don't have the same pudeur as us. 
For instance, while in France we won't show our body or get undressed in front of others, in China it doesn't matter in the same way. 
We might have some pudeur complaining to others. This is not the same in China.

Can you complain about anything in China?
It seems to me that I always hear Chinese people complain about the same subject: food being not not good, being hungry, thirsty, the weather being too cold or too hot, feeling tired, making too little money, working too hard.
I personnaly believe that some subjects are not adressed with anyone: couple relation, sex, children...
It seems to me that you can not complain about these subjects as they might do your reputation some bad. 

A new form of complain appears on the internet.
With the development of social network, complaining is seen more and more often. 
In the west while we won't complain to anyone face to face, many will complain through social network. In China it is common practice. Some call this online strip-tease...

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