Monday, October 28, 2013

Chinese people run from their responsabilities?

Whenever you ask some Chinese people about something, they will always answer positively, saying yes.

Why Chinese people always say yes?
In China it is unpolite to refuse something to someone.
Thus Chinese people will always answer positively, saying yes. Even though they say yes, it doesn't mean they will do what they said. Some yes mean yes but some yes mean no.

Why lose some potential customers? why lose potential business opportunity?
Whenever you do business, business owner will always tell you they can do the work, they have the item, they can provide the service... In fact that is just a way not to lose potential customers.
For instance, if you hire some decoration company, they will tell you they can do the work, they will promess to do the work for a low price... All this talk could just be some big "lie".
Or again when you shop and look for a specific item, shop owner will always tell you they have it. In the end they will try to sell you another item, another colour, another material... Or they might make you wait while buying the item from someone else, playing go between. Anyway in the end it will mean wasting a lot of time.

This raises the issues of Chinese people commitment:
Chinese people run from their responsabilities? 
They never commit themselves?

In China no need to keep your word, find some excuses.
While in the west we have to keep to our word, to be respectful, in China keeping one word or not doesn't matters that much. You can say something and then its contrary.
Still you should find excuses when breaking your word.

Some common excuses Chinese excuses:
Short memory excuse.
Chinese people might pretend they don't remember or pretend they never committed themselves. And this goes as far as accusing the other one to lie!

Chinese people love apologizing. This is something I don't understand. I thought apologizes were meaningfull and very important in Asia. For instance Japan never apologized for the war crimes, angering Chinese people...
But at the same time, very often, Chinese people will apologize lightly for anything! It might be that there is a difference between formal apologizes and casual apologizes?
Chinese people will at first commit themselves then not do what they promessed to do, then simply apologize, when you confront them: "sorry, sorry, sorry"... This often annoys me. To me apologizing is meaningless, it won't change any of the prejudice you had...

No answer.
In China not answering, playing dead is a polite way to refuse!
For instance you can offer your help and when the person tries to join you to ask something, just play the dead. In France on the contrary, no answering means yes! In France we have a law: "who doesn't speak a word agrees".

Chinese people not only say yes and agree to everything;
they will offer something but won't do as they say!
Chinese people are similar to our western politicians. They make promesses and offer things. But then they don't keep their promesses and they don't do as they say!
Some common offers includes:
Offering help: If you need anything, ask me! I will help you for whatever you need!
False invitation: I will invite you at my home! I will come at the opening of your restaurant! I will call you next week!

Offering things is a way to promote yourself, same as a politician in the west.
Even though in the end there is nothing, it doesn't matter! Benefice are more important than deception triggered by deceit! Chinese people too have short memories!

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