Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hypermarkets: Chinese vs western strategy

Today I want to tell you about two different strategical approach: a traditional approach we call the Chinese labyrinthe approach and a western approach.

The shopping centers I show are competitors just a few hundred meters from each other.

The traditionnal strategy: Chinese labyrinthe strategy.
Supermarkets are organized as a labyrinthe, Ikea model. Everyday products are located far away on the top floor. Other goods are located on the first floors.

Customer must take a walk around pass clothes, shoes, bikes... before they can finaly reach food products: fruits, vegetables, meat...

This strategy is losing slowly. It was adequate a few years ago when a majority of Chinese people used to love laze about some giant shopping center maze.
Today even Chinese customers can lose patience as they lose themselves in some supermarkets, not being able to find the product they need to buy.

The western strategy.
It is a more classic approacg: customers can find what they want to buy.
But at the same time some products are cunningly scattered and mixt where they shouldn't be. And also customers is encouraged to stay longer inside the supermarket via activities, promotions...
Still customers don't feel prisoners as opposed to the first older and more extreme strategy model.

Maze shopping center.

The entrance... you must walk through a ground floor and its shops.

Let's climb to the first floor where more shops await!

At last the supermarket entrance!

The torture is not finished: the supermarket first floor only includes "secondary" products.

Climb again!

Food is not far.

Not again some secondary products!

At last drinks and food.

The second supermarket follows a western style model same as Hyper-Mart, Carrefour, Wal-Mart.

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