Thursday, October 10, 2013

IIlegal construction in China

Once in China some years ago, many Chinese people built without any permit, illegal construction.
Most of the time they would increase the size of their appartment building some new kitchen, some toilet...

Nowadays authorities are less lenient. And jealous neighbours keep close watch on each other...
In fact if you build and increase the size of your appartment, you will get more compensation money when authorities come to destroy your old appartment so as to build a modern building!

My neighbour wanted to build a toilet but some jealous neighbour called the Chengguan (Chinese police that can care of street order and has a very bad reputation due to many incidents...).
The neighbour stopped the construction. But he is playing the watch and will probably build his toilet anyway when Chengguan look another direction.

Once my father in law built some small house for his dog. He had to convince all the neighbours. Unfortunately the poor dog was stolen during Chinese new year... He was probably eaten during the celebrations!


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