Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Souvenirs of Chinese administration

I went looking for some furniture. And all of a sudden memories of my working time in a Chinese administration resurface!

Some Chinese administration or public company office desks!

A typical traditionnal Chinese meeting room table.
I remember in the administration we used to sit on two rows. The one sitting at the table and the one behind them.
The one at the table would stand up one after the other. And they would talk for hours just to express their views. Nobody would take any note. Nobody would contest or discuss. It was all just a one man speech show, a way for a leader to show his presence, to boast his accomplishment, to encourage others. No one would like to create any animosity or hurt anyone else.
And this could go on for hours until very late!

Chairman Mao portrait.
It is a little old fashion in a modern Chinese office, even for some administration.

The world globe. 
It brings a more international side. It is often seen in global companies, multinationals.

Antique Chinese artifact.
The Chinese artifact on the table emphazises the Chinese authentic Chinese culture for a certain company, administration.

You would see these handshakes artefacts in some administrations that deal with foreigners.

The brand is called: pride of China...

The jaguar. 
I don't think the jaguar has any meaning in the Chinese culture. So why have this artefact?
It looks like the logo from Jaguar car. It might have been inspired by it at first... After all, jaguar cars are prestige and give you face.

The wheel.
It is another artifact for leadership, the leader, the captain. Chinese people are fascinated by leadership. Surprisingly they all understand the english word: "boss" or even "big boss".
Still Chinese people don't understand what the term leader underlines. For them a leader is simply someone who is above others, the one who is more wealthy, who achieved, who leads, orders others...