Saturday, October 19, 2013

The four seasons: french/ japanese café in China, Changsha

I told you about belle vie, the french pastry shop in Changsha.
A few weeks ago another pastry place opened and this time in the city center.
It is called the four season. It is just next to the Mix bar on the same floor as the Pacific coffee!

Personnaly I really advise you to try the place as the pastry are real french pastries! However I clearly believe that it will go bankrupt soon so hurry up to try it... The rent must be really high: something like 30 000 rmb per month? They don't seem to have a lot of B to B sales. So that in the end their main income are customers spending on coffee, tea and pastry.

Chinese customers are extremely complicated.
They care a lot for what they spend (no matter how wealthy the customer). Thus they would rarely spend 30rmb or more for a pastry. And it doesn't matter that the pastry is unique, beautiful or even delicious.
Note that Chinese customers will spend 30rmb or more for a pastry if it is a famous brand such as Starbuck... As in this case they feel they have something for their money!

Now to come back to the four season. They have a nice decoration. Their pastries are beautiful. They have a large choice which matters for Chinese customers. 
As for the pastry taste unfortunately it is not at all adapted to Chinese customers taste.
But it is no wonder, I heard the Chef is a Japanese man who stayed many years in France.

 At the entrance. I want to show you the flashcode as it is an important trend in China. Most Chinese people have a "clever phone" with internet access and use these flashcode application.

Photo printer.
This is something I have always wanted to do here in China... Customize cakes using a food printer. It seems some have similar ideas though I am not sure how this will be perceived by Chinese customers.

Their packaging looks like "La Durée", no wonder when you know the Chef lived many years in Paris.

Chocolate and nut, great but far too sweet for any Chinese...

This one is better for Chinese customers, not as sweet!

 Manguo mousse: nice presentation but the taste was a little disappointing for me.

The design is really "french": the sofa, ceiling lights, table clothes.
They shouldn't put any table clothes in China... how much will it cost to clean this! not too mention the extra work and organization.
And as you can imagine the table clothes were already getting dirty...

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