Thursday, October 17, 2013

Visiting luxury appartment building in China part 1

A few weeks ago I visited some new luxury appartment building for wealthy people.
I want to share this visit and explain the selling strategy I witnessed:

You are a VIP!
All throughout the visit customers are made to feel they are VIP, that they are special, the boss, billionnaires, unique...
This strategy follows basic crude clichés of the "rich man" in Chinese people mind.

At the entrance, employees hold some umbrella to protect you for sun and protect cars.
Employees look martial wearing some army type uniforms.
While women are dressed as maids. You should feel secure and well taken care of.

Some customers (carefully selected according to their wallet size) are offered a Helicopter ride: nothing is too good to seduce you!, nothing is too good for you!

Impressive design: future and past
The appartments are build on some old factory ground. The factory dates back from year 1912!

You enter through this small and narrow corridor to reach the heart of the factory.

Can you imagine factory workers were working hours in pain here...

Cigares and a buffet for you!
As a smoker model of coolness: Che and the Wolverine from X-men: a good mixture of some communist and capitalist role model...

The factory is surrounded by some window façade.

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