Saturday, October 26, 2013

Visiting luxury appartment building in China part 2

A few days ago I told you about my visit to some luxury residence in China.
I tried to explain the sale strategy of the promotor: make customers fee they are VIP.

The rest of the visit takes place in a model appartment.
Customers have to put on slippers: it is more clean and it makes Chinese customers feel they are at home! They should put on slippers same as in their home!

Child bedroom

Foreign children photos. It is more classy.

Teddy bear, it is cute and again makes customers feel at home.

Foreign flags and alphabet letters in the child bedroom. Parents all wish their child will study or live in a foreign country.

Right from the entrance, marble and a dressing.
The commercial shows us the space meant for the golf bag, city shoes, sport shoes...

Jewelry and coffee cup. It is very VIP!

And of course ash trays for Mister.

Breakfast is ready served in your bed.

A lot of space is lost... It is normal in China. Wealthy Chinese people want something big, very big. They don't mind that the space is not used well.

A big space is meant for the washing machine another for the air conditioning unit.

In kitchen cupboard, you find imported beers and Perrier. Once again this is prestige, VIP.

Most Chinese people love a decoration with many object. The more objects and the more weird, amazing and useless they are, the better! Cleaning is not an issue...

The cleaning lady.

Flowers, this is romantic for Madame.

Chess games or fake books, more clichés to flatter wealthy Chinese customers ego.

Some advertising pannels.
As the model appartement advertising pannels tell us a lot about Chinese people clichés and state of mind.
Los Angeles, United-States

A groom


Fashion show

Material used for decoration is quality material from foreign brands. German brands are put forward. In China German products are known for their quality.

Bosch, Siemens...

In the garden, facing the factory, a swimming pool.

The factory tower is left there intact.

Inside the factory
A piano. Playing the piano is a social distinction in China.

The factory will become a bar and private club...

A factory engine

The map of the constructions

The narrow entrance, thus more impressive for a first impression!

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