Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yemenite Halal restaurant in Changsha

I want to introduce you to a great restaurant. It is a Yemenite Halal restaurant.
It is located at Hunan university north campus. Once you cross the number one bridge take on the right when the road splits at the firelight.
The restaurant adress: Hunan daxue bei xiao qu, dong fang can ting. 

As you sit you are immediatly offered a welcoming soup!

And this is the menu

You can order omelettes, beans. The beans are delicious. I really advise you this dish.

They have different salad and thin bread. You should order one bread to eat together with the other dishes.

They have some humus. My friend told me how to eat this. You should add some olive oil and mix, then put some in some bread: delicious!

Also in order to eat the salad, you should add some salt and olive oil. Thus it tastes much better!

Soups. I tried the number 59: tuna and tomatoes, another good dish.

And the restaurant has a large choice of barbeque meat, fish. My friend told me you don't go to a arab restaurant without ordering some meat! I liked the meat.

Spaghettis and long grain rice! I have heard the rice is also delicious.

This is Saly, the owner from Yemen. He has been in China many years, but just arrived in Changsha. He loves the city. I think his wife is Chinese.

The milk tea is another must. I still didn't try the coffee

As for the price, it is quite affordable. Depending on what your order you can pay like 100rmb for 4, 5 dishes.


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