Friday, November 1, 2013

Anti-corruption campain in China

A month ago I took these photos at my university of the anti-corruption campain.

On each pannels, humourous comics give some rules.
All is illustrated by real life cases of corrupted officials...

The administration arm takes the official clothes. On the clothes you can read: "I am a poor official". Under its clothe, the official hides house, money... 

The official sells urgently VIP card. The arm of administration asks him to give back the card.
Under the administration hand it is written: anticipate and control corrupted people.

Outside it is written: tea house. But inside you find alcohol and baths (the water here means massages, prostitution...).
On the right side picture: countryside farmers house. But inside you find alcohol and bath.
Administrations staff often goes to restaurants or to the countryside. Travelling to the countryside is common practice for administrations staff these last years.
The husband in white clothese says: "I don't hide anything in my sleeves". Behind him his wife and his son take the money.
The official with Pinnochia nose: "we will pubish our budget". He pretends they spent all but he hides money for himself.

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