Saturday, November 9, 2013

At the photographer studio, Chinese narcissism?

Chinese people are crazy about photos.
In France we have this cliché that asian tourists always take pictures of everything. But in fact it is true!
Most Chinese people are really crazy about photography.
Not only they take photos when they travel abroad, but even in China they take photos.
In fact I noticed that Chinese people like to live through photography. They want to share part of their lives with others.

They will take pictures of themselves in a prestige surrounding or in a beautiful place.
It could be in Starbuck, in front of some lake, next to some flowers, next to some blossom cheery tree...
They will take many photos. Later they will carefuly select the photos they prefer.
Using photoshop some might transform the photo: take away wrinkles, skin spots...
In China, even when you take some ID photos the photograph gets rid of some of your facial imperfection: delete disgraceful spots from your face...

Many Chinese people like to show their photos to friends: post it on the internet on their Wechat or QQ (the Chinese facebook).

Why Chinese people want to share their photos? 
Chinese people observe each others.
Chinese people want to show off.
They want to show people how cute they are, how happy they are, how lucky they are, that they went to some expensive restaurant, prestige brand shop, that they travelled abroad...

I think it is because Chinese people live their happiness through other people eyes. They need to check other people reactions: are they envious, jealous?
Foreigners will do the same. After all our behaviours are always conditionned by the way others look at us! But in foreign countries I think it won't go to the Chinese extent.

At the photographer studio.
We went to a photographer studio with my Chinese family.
We had to wear stupid clothes and disguise ourselves.
And we went through some make up phase for transformation. I had to dress up as a groom and then in some Japanese clothes.
Then we had to take some clichés poses: "romantic", "exotic", "cute"...

We selected the photos printed in some album.
We can keep this album at home, remind ourselves and show friends, relatives how handsome and happy we are!

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