Sunday, November 10, 2013

China everyday photos

In front of a construction site.
Trucks must take a shower when getting out on the road. Thus the road won't be dirty.
The policeman on the right of the picture is responsible of keeping the road clean.
He will work together with the construction company and check that they don't dirty the road!

Italian style fountain statue.

We don't have these radish in Europe.
It is an incredible vegetable: a little sweet.

I juice it. The result is astonishing.

Trees in China are given perfusion so that they can stay healthy.

Apple stockings.

Making Mijiu or some kind of rice alcohol.
Most Chinese people drink baijiu another kind of rice alcohol. This alcohol has a very strong taste.
Some Chinese people like to drink Mijiu or rice alcohol. It is sweet alcohol and the taste is not as strong as baijiu. Still once I tried to mix this alcohol with fruits same as Rhum. But the result was disappointing.

Farm chicken.

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