Friday, November 29, 2013

Chinese kebab

In 2006, I visited Xi'an, in the west of China. It is where you have the terracotta warriors and the grave of the first emperor.
The food in Xi'an has a strong western influence.
One of the street food you find in Xi'an is some kind of Chinese style kebab.

While in 2006, I only tasted this food in Xi'an, today you can find these Chinese kebab everywhere in China. It is a successful fast food concept.

At the gate of my university Chinese people queue to buy one of these kebab.
The price is cheap about 7 rmb. It can be cheaper if you order less ingredient.
The kebab is some kind of bread.
And inside the kebab, you have some kind of rillettes, pork or beef meat. I told you that Chinese people would love french rillettes!
The key ingredient is dried tofu, cooked in some hot pot. It will soak with the stock!

In fact I heard that an American teacher in China came back to New-York and opened with success a chain of Chinese Kebab!

The meat.

The dried tofu just soaked in the some bouillon.

Warm bread. This is some kind of oven.

One personn prepares the bread and then it is cooked inside the oven!

The bouillon trapped in the dried tofu mix itself with bread!

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