Friday, November 1, 2013

Housing buildings in China: decayed façade and common parts!

In a previous article I told you how much the façade of one building matters for some businesses for which image matters (such as big restaurants, clothes...).

Anyhow for housing buildings it is something else:
Chinese people don't care about a rusty façade.
Chinese customers also don't care about the common part of the building. 
Even in freshly built, brand new buildings, common parts are left unfinished. After a few years, it can look ugly: rats, wastes everywhere in the corridors and staircase...

I am not sure why Chinese people care so little about housing outside and inside appearance.
I guess before the communist regime, land owner cared that their housing would look good both inside and outside. It had to do with the image. It was the same in France with palaces then small residences...

I think Chinese people people today don't know anything else so they don't realize how nice a tidy common part or façade matters.
In the years to come, wealthiest Chinese people will probably change their approach, come to care more about housing buildings façade and common parts. 

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