Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How can Chinese street restaurants offer cheap dishes?

In China street restaurants offer dishes at very low prices.
While chain restaurants are at least twice as expensive, street restaurant somehow manage to offer small prices. A individual rice dish with vegetable and meat costs as little at 10rmb! And if you order Chinese nuddles it costs only 5 to 6rmb.
How come?

How can Chinese street restaurants achieve this feat, offer cheap dishes?

Gutter oil.
When cooking Chinese dishes, you need a lot of oil. Oil is what brings tastes in Chinese cuisine. Therefore oil is the highest cost for restaurant.
Street restaurant use some cheap oil... gutter oil...

Of course this oil is very unhealthy and it is probably the first cause for cancers in China!

Meat tricks.
With oil, meat is the most expensive ingredient when preparing a Chinese dish.
Thus street restaurants will give you as little meat as they can, thus control their costs.
But there is worst...
Most street restaurant will use more fat that actual meat!
Some restaurants will use rat, cat, dog meat instead of pork meat!
Some restaurants might also use some old meat that is not proper for consumption! This could make you seriously sick.

End of the market ingredients.
Restaurants buy their vegetable at the local market and benefit from bargains.

Small rent.
Street restaurant are usually very small and located in older buildings. Therefore rent is fairly low. And tables are positionned close to one another.

No staff.
Street restaurants are family owned businesses. They are often run with just one cook and a waitress who cashes in, takes orders, delivers...

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