Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In China height matters!

In China one main critera for women beauty is height.
I have heard that above 1m70, a man must pay for each centimer when he wants a tall mistress...

In order to win a few centimeters, ladies are willing to sacrifice a lot.
It can go so far as risky, costly and painfull leg operation!

In Changsha and in south China, girls all wear platform shoes...


  1. Very interesting. I always thought Chinese culture favored "petite" and "small" women. A long time ago, they used to bind their feet. What a turn of tables!

    1. I am not sure how it was in the past.

      I think binding feet is something else.
      Small feet was a main a beauty criteria in the past.

      I think in modern China, small feet are still considered cute but it doesn't matter that much. Just there is a small contradiction here: a tall woman is seen as cute, but if she has big feet then people can think it is ugly...
      Still once again feet don't matter that much. It is just that if you buy big shoes, people might say something.

      Also I am not sure about being tall in the past was it a beauty criteria? I think in old China beauty criteria were small feet and being fat was another beauty criteria!

      In modern China, I think most men want a tall woman. It means: tall children for once... (in a Chinese "madcho" society, man, "most?" women try to be beautiful to find a wealthy husband, men are central to decide beauty criteria).

      However I think that Chinese men also favour thin women.
      They wouldn't like a tall, strong built, ""big facial features"" woman (""Mongolian type"").

      Again it is just what I believe from what I see and hear. Also I stay in Hunan Province.
      It might be that Chinese men from other province have a different perception of beauty!

  2. I didn't notice many platform shoes, neither in 长沙 nor 广州, 佛山 or 三亚.

    My wife is 湖南人 and she prefers slippers and shoes with no heels.

    1. It might depends on age or education or activity?

      Personnally I noticed many younger women wear shoes with heels or platform shoes.

      For instance at Hunan TV all the presenters wear high heels shoes.

      When you talk to Chinese women, many will tell you that they want white skin or that they would love to be taller or that they are too small. But then again I can not provide clear datas, evidence for this ;-)

  3. Really? I thought platforms are a trend everywhere nowadays. In America we call them creepers. Everyones wearing platform shoes now. I'm 17 btw.

    1. Interesting!
      Back in France, it is not that fashion... except when you go out to some disco
      Here in Changsha, south China I think it is popular among younger girls: 17 to 30?

  4. Nice shoes!!!! I never seen this kind of shoes!! this shoes are really different one and having various models. attorney for slip and fall