Tuesday, November 26, 2013

KFC in China is fighting to build back its image!

In 2012 a huge scandal tarnished KFC image in China!
Some KFC suppliers were using illegal growth hormones to make chicken grow faster.
Chicken were growing from 30 grams to 3,5Kg in just 40 days!
Investigators also found out that KFC chicken had too high antibiotics level, even for Chinese standards...

From this food scandal, KFC growth slowed down. And the brand could never come back to its former growth level.
But don't make any KFC is still doing well in China. I have never seen any KFC go bankrupt yet. And new KFC open everywhere.

The brand is doing its best to win back its image. It launched a communication campain... (see below)
But it under-estimated Chinese people. After the multiple and terrible food scandals, Chinese customers became very wary. They don't forget easily. I showed you that long after the arsenic water scandal, few customers buy Nongfu water.

And there is certainly no excuse for KFC management. They were aware of the illegal growth hormones and antibiotics since 2010! And made no change at all!
It could be that KFC having to cope with a important growth in China, chose not to be too strict with its suppliers...

Near the cashier some quality control posters tell us that there no hormones in KFC chicken!

On all the tables you now have these "quality" sticker.
She says:
"I have always loved eating at KFC. Since I work for KFC, I know I can eat safely at KFC. We control the quality at all levels from the selection of the chicken to raising them. The chicken specie was brought from the United States 30 years ago.
We don't use any hormones".
I am not sure that the "made in USA" chicken will be enough.
He says:
"After working 40 days taking of chicken, I have less time to see my children. But the chicken is more and more healthy. You can eat the chicken with no danger."
I am not sure that the image of the chicken raised as your own child will be enough.

Changsha city health administration control billboard is put forward.

 Some promotional campain to attract and win loyal customers.

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