Saturday, November 23, 2013

Official summit: rural tourism in China

A few weeks ago I was invited to some rural tourism summit in Changsha.
There were many officials there and foreign mayors, diplomats... The purpose of this summit is to develop rural tourism.

First let me say that I am grateful that I was invited to this summit. I also know that it is not a simple task to organize this kind of event.
In this article I would like to give a few feedbacks so as to improve something in the coming events.

Please turn off the engine
We listened to speeches about the beauty of the nature and the countryside.
We listened to speeches about rural tourism.
And we waited in 7 buses with the all engine turned on...

I complained about this.
But the administration staff was at a loss...
In the end we waited 30 minutes x 7 buses of pollution. I mean the planet matters and human specie might be on the verge of extincting. And this summit was about rural tourism.

Hotel should be improved
We stayed in a "five" Chinese star hotel. Personnaly I liked it a lot.
But when inviting "honourable" guests you should impliment a higher standard.

Preess international hotel, or is it press?
The hotel is called preess international hotel.
Apparently there was a mistake in  translation many years ago... But I was told this was actually not a mistake. The hotel chose this name on purpose...
Anyway my point is preess looks like a english mistake to any native speaker. As a five star hotel, so you should change your name!

From its style you can see that the hotel was built decades ago.
No wonder that they could be english mistakes at that time.

Some Chinglish in our room

In our room some interesting five star hotel decoration.

Terrible food
Food is central for anyone. And most of the foreign guest had never been to China.
Chinese food is one of the best on the world. But the food we had was one of the worst Chinese food I have had!

Then there were the western style cakes...
Again the cakes are given to foreigners. It seems a little pretentious to call these cakes "black forest", "cheese cakes" or...

I liked how the hotel map indicated the location of all its trees. I looks very green. But again is it not a little pretentious?
But why not?

No Japanese flag?
Outside I saw flags from so many countries. I didn't see even one Japanese flag.
I know that there were no Japanese guest at this summit. But still one Japanese flag would have been nice.

Great visit
The visit in itself was great.

I wonder if this lone chicken got to eat all the grain. Or if they took the grain away as soon as the "honourable visitors" had left. Anyhow it was a nice intention.

I had never seen so big pears.

The potery old kiln was amazing.

The summit
I always fear that these investment and promotion project will "develop" the countryside while building roads, modern constructions and generate pollution.

I had been to Wancheng district back in 2006. At that time there were only fields, small roads, trees. I couldn't recognize any of the place. Now you have some many modern constructions and roads.


And medias

And people waiting

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