Sunday, November 3, 2013

One day at Hunan TV station, Changsha

Hunan TV is one of the most famous television channel all over China.

We were invited there for some TV show about foreigners opening restaurants, bars, bakery... in Changsha.

They asked us to come in the morning for make up.

I came with Alain Bernard, the Chef of the french restaurant on Wuyi square.
We met Crave boss, the German baker and the Australian owner of Mega bar.

Ladies enjoy a good make up!

The TV show is called VV lady.

It was at the old Hunan TV station, not far away from martyr's park.

 These VV ladies were all miss Changsha, beauty contest winner.
If my wife sees this photo, I am in big trouble...

I am not sure what this other show was about...

We had to wait and wait and wait. We waited all day.
The show will record as much material as possible so that they can later cut and paste to create a good 5, 15? minutes film.

Most Chinese are "phone addicts" ;-). They need to take pictures, post them and chat online mostly with wechat. 

I am not sure why, it seems to me that Chinese girls love taking pictures of themselves. Maybe in some way they feel happiness while sharing with a group online. If the group tells them they are happy, beautiful, wealthy, then they will feel so?

The German baker: Uwe! 

With Alain Bernard.

Crave owner! 

His sandwiches are so tasty and I was so hungry...

This VV girl was thirsty...

Western style bread from Bach bakery. 

A short "make up" break.