Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pakistan restaurant, Changsha

So we have been to this incredible Pakistan restaurant in Changsha.
The food is amazing... and very cheap!

However it is far away.
You should go to Changsha medical college. It is north of Hexi, in Wancheng district!
To go there you can take bus number 903. There is a bus stop in Hexi after bridge number 1.

The full restaurant adress is:
Ai Sheng building 6th floor.
Back street 1, Changsha
Changsha Yi Xue Yuan
Changsha medical college on Lei Feng road

Take the small alley... and climb up to the 6th floor.

The menu.

The restaurant offers some monthly package menu.

One of the Chef.

Banana milkshake.


The samosa are spicy. The sauce is spicy.
But it was so delicious!


This dish was delicious.

Chicken curry!

The bread.

This is some yoghourt sauce. The one you find in Kebab!


Changsha medical college.