Sunday, November 17, 2013

Queue jumping in China, prank

A few ago, queue jumping was a real issue in mainland China.
Most Chinese people would jump the queue. It was a commonly accepted rule.

Still this custom gave a very bad image of China and Chinese people to the world.
To prepare the Beijing Olympic games, the central government launched a huge campain to educate Chinese people about queue jumping.
And it worked!
Today in mainland China only few people jump the queue!

In this video I want to see how Chinese people react when I jump the queue.
Most of the time the salesman or the Chinese person at counter will not say anything if you jump the queue. It is not his business and he wants to stay out of trouble. Also most Chinese people queueing will probably avoid any conflict. They would simply look at you with anger and rightfuly ;-)

Let me tell you I felt bad jumping the queue ;-)

As you can see most people don't react openly.
Maybe they don't speak out as I am a foreigner? But I don't think so as I have witnessed this same behaviour when a Chinese person jump the queue.

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