Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rubber duck in China: absurd consumers behaviours...

Most of you know about this rubber duck world tour.
"The creator of the giant rubber duck, Florentijn Hofman, tried to entertain the world by a tour named "Spreading joy around the world" established in 2007. He aimed to recall everyone's childhood memories by exhibiting the duck in 14 cities, starting in his own Amsterdam, Netherlands."
Weird I could have guessed this was Dutch art... Not that I have any grief against Dutch people.

How to make money with a rubber duck?
Anyway this rubber duck was in Changsha several months ago.
You could buy replica everywhere but also all kind of marketing goodies: "tee-shirts, mugs, pencils, caps...". It went even beyond this as shopping center launched promotional events based on this rubber duck trend. There were rubber ducks parties in bars!

I am amazed at the absurdity of these world events...
You show people some rubber duck and they will all rush to shop and shop and shop!
I mean the world is on the brink of chaos. We have had peak oil, peak gaz, peak steel...
Natural ressource are scarces. Our specie is probably already doomed because of global warming... And what do the "leaders", the elite do?: display some rubber duck and make as much money as possible!

And then when it doesn't work anymore they move the duck somewhere else.
Instead of the duck you can have some cows. Do you remember the cows parade back in 2004, 2005...?
Next what will it be some giant mouse? or? Why not choose different kind of world event for a change... something about education, nature or creativity. And please nothing commercial!

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