Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why there are so many public toilets in China?

In China you have many public toilets everywhere.
What a change when I compare this to France. And China is supposed to be the developping country!

In China I can't tell you how glad I am. There are toilets everywhere in China. I can drink everyday as much water as I want without worrying!
In France you can never find any public toilet. You should buy a drink or eat something in a café, in a restaurant so that you may use their toilet. Even Mac Donalds in France are so "stingy" that they only allow their customers to use their toilet while handing out toilet code numbers only to their custimers.
Facing this challenge, Paris municipality built a few public toilet. But anyway the problem is still not solved. Public toilets are too few and always dirty.

But why are there so many public toilets in China?
I am not sure about the answer but I have a few hints:

Using poo as fertilizers.
Several months ago a reader commented me that since poo is used as a fertilizers, local authorities would build toilets everywhere and in the middle of nowhere. Thus they could recolt the precious fertilizers...

Chinese people have less self discipline.
While most french people would wait until they reach home to pee, many Chinese people would rather pee on the street. Therefore if there were too toilets, this would result in a serious hygiene issue!

China large population.
China is a very populated country. You have more infrastructure everywhere, such as for instance public buses... It is the same for toilets.

A community life.
China is communist country. It means that the communist party take care of the people.
People live in communities. They play together, they live together. The authorities will organize many infrastructures, games, events for the people to live harmoniously together. For instance, in China you can see many playgrounds for older people. Some danses and singing competitions are organized outside. Public toilets are also built for this community harmonious life.

No toilet at home.
Not so long ago, toilet was as a luxury, unnecessary commodity. Most Chinese people had no toilets at their homes. They would share a public toilet outside of home.
And there was little intimacy anyway.

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