Thursday, December 5, 2013

Chinese street prostitution, a new trend?

Prostitution is part of the Chinese society.
Even though prostitution is illegal, it is a secret for no one: prostitution is part of Chinese society.
It is probably part of the Chinese thousand years old culture. And in a country where you have much less women as men, it is difficult for authorities to control strictly prostitution.

Two types of prostitution in China
There are always been two different type of prostitution:

  • One type of prostitution is found in massage salons, in karaoke, in bars. This prostitution "is probably for the rich". It will be more expensive, more "legal", less at risk.
  • Another type of prostitution is found in some small local prostitute shops. This type of prostitution "is probably for the poor". It will be cheaper, less "legal", more at risk. In case of a police control, the prostitutes and the customers will be prosecuted!

Control of prostitution
With the opening of China, the Beijing Olympics, authorities started to control prostitution more strictly:

  • In big cities most of the local prostitute shops were closed
  • As for the first type of prostitution it still thrives:
Important massage salons, karaoke or bars keep a good network with local police. 
Also the definition of prostitution is vague. The border between massage and prostitution can be thin and it is difficult for authorities to know for sure.

Development of street prostitution?
Even though I had never seen street prostitution in China, as we can see in Europe.
But recently I noticed that street prostitution is developping in China. Why is that?

  • It might be that as many local prostitute shops are closed, independant prostitutes now rely on street prostitution or on the internet?
  • It might be that with the crisis it is more difficult to find a well paid job. More women rely on prostitution? Prostitutes you see in the street are often middle age women. They probably don't have family or husband to support them! They are "too old" to marry or remarry. They should pay for their old parents and sometimes raise a child!
  • Street prostitution is develops with the all car China? Now many Chinese have cars.

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