Monday, December 23, 2013

Hunan photos contest: on the road

I took part to Hunan photo contest.
This contest is opened to all foreigners and it is possible to submit any photos. Also the administration organized several trips in Hunan Province.

I just came back from a three days travel and I want to post a few photos .

On the road when you stop at oil station, in toilets you can see some pictures of plants and flowers found in Hunan Province. This is really clever. This men went to look at all the pictures one by one!

On the road and in oil stations you see trucks carrying pigs.

On our way to Fenghuang a old city and famous touristic spot in China, we stopped on the road for lunch.

Sausage and cucumber

Pork meat and spicy


Sausage and celery

 White radish.
Eggs and tomatoes.