Sunday, December 8, 2013

Imported products in China: culinary changes

Chinese customers changent their culinaries habits.
I took the following photos at Metro supermarket in China.

I want to show you which imported products are favoured by Chinese consumers.

Wine and beer.Younger Chinese generation drink Chinese rice alcohol, baijiu less and less.
In fact many young Chinese people don't like Chinese alcohol anymore.
Even though most Chinese people have little understanding of wine. They will look at the wine price, the packaging, its origin.

Metro tries to target more knowledgeable customers. Chinese people want to learn about other culture and understand different ways.

Macarons and "clichés" cakes.
Chinese people don't like cakes a lot. Even though many would like to try clichés cakes: black forest, cheese cakes, macarons, tiramisu.
Even though many of these cakes are very different as compared to the originals. They are customized to Chinese consumers tastes.

Some imported cookies match Chinese people tastes:
Speeculos belgium cookies. Chinese people love caramel as it is a traditionnal sweet.
Butter cookies from north europe. Chinese people love sugar and butter.
Swiss chocolates cookies.

Croissant are among Chinese clichés of western food.

Metro explains to Chinese customers something about dairy products.
Chinese people love butter or liquid yogourt.
The main challenge for dairy product is that most Chinese people don't know how to eat them.