Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Over packaging and use of plastic bags in China

Just a week ago I almost chocked as I heard a Chinese official tell me:
"we in China care for our environment".
I didn't say anything and have many regret for not doing so.
Everyone of us should denounce the lies that threaten our lives and the lives of our children. It is only when truth is known that we can think about the situation and make some change.

I once showed you wastes are burnt just like this in China...
In this article I would like to adress two issues: plastic bags and over-packaging.

No more plastic bags.
In China whenever you go shopping you will use plastic bags.
While in supermarkets plastic bags are not free anymore since one year ago, in small local shops plastics bags are still given for free.
By the way it tells a lot about the ugly behaviour of supermarkets! They make you pay plastic bags under the excuse of environment while local shops don't! There is no small profit! And the profit generated by selling plastic bags is certainly huge for supermarkets.

Plastic bags should not be given for free. In fact plastic bags should not be given at all!
For decades you are given paper bags ou use clothing re-usable bags in Switzerland. Paper bags also generate lot of pollution when burnt, but certainly less than plastic bags.

Stop over packaging!
Over packaging is dire in China! 
All brands use over packaging, as this strategy works with Chinese customers.
Most customers look at the packaging to determine the price, the quality, the value of one product!

In Europe these sweets are only packed with one layer... but in China there are two layers!

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