Sunday, December 29, 2013

Travelling in Hunan Province: Qianzhou city

Qiangzhou used to be a city for the Han army.

At the city gates.

The city looks nice though as you can see most houses are new (or restaured as they say in China).

There are a few original houses left in the city center.

A old shrine.

This is the city center.

Keeping warm...

Eating while walking... typical in China.

We visited the houses of two famous Chinese people: a Marxist historian Jian Bozan and Luo Rongguang, a Chinese general who resisted the invasion of westerners...

This is the general Luo Rongguang.
In 1900 he refused to surrender the port of Dagu in Tianjin to the 8 power allied forces during the Boxer rebellion. British, French, German and Russian warship bombarded the port. The Chinese general died in the fight. I believe that the ivory tower of Tianjin who was considered as one world wonder was destroyed during the fight.

Wooden craft.

China: brooms and a surveillance camera.

Dried ducks.

We watched a beautiful show performed by locals.

A none.

There are many modern constructions everywhere.
It is not too ugly, still not too high and built in a "Chinese style".

Most Chinese people drive motorbike in the countryside.

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