Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ugly foreigner in China threatens Chinese people with his knife

From time to time you hear about ugly foreigners behaving badly in China.
I hate this expression.

How can you accuse some foreigners of being "ugly"?!?... the bad foreigners vs the good foreigners. I mean we are all human being with our up and down!
I wonder if this "ugly foreigner" expression doesn't come from some Chinese newspaper...
You label someone "ugly" then you can get rid of him: punish him, kick him out of the country. First you should destroy him as a "human being". He is ugly. He has no face...

In China everyone experience a breakdown: foreigners and Chinese people as well!
No one didn't break down from the environment pressure. It is something complex to explain. While life is enjoyable in China, you will experience some pressure from the environment: the crowd, the noise, misunderstandings due to cultural gap, some mutism that stops you in your projects...

So in this video I am the ugly foreigner threatening Chinese people with my knife.
Once again you notice that Chinese people don't react easily. And they are as always really kind.

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