Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visiting Fenghuang part 1

Fenghuang or Phenix is a old city located in Hunan in Province. And it was our first destination.
This fortified city was notably built to accomodate Han soldiers so that they could control the nearby Miao and Tujia minorities and stop any uprising.

Tasty Chinese food.

On the road again!

In front our hotel

 As Fenghuang becomes a touristic place, new constructions can be seen everywhere.

There is something amazing about this old city: local people still live there as they used to, following their traditions and local way of life. It is not (yet?) a tourist attraction.

On the riverbank you can see women from the Miao minority washing their clothes!

Construction workers.

A kid plays with his wooden sword.

This man sells birds.

 This woman sews shoes.

This woman in traditionnal Miao clothes sells souvenirs to tourists.

Some fishermen look at us.

You could buy some local delicatessen: pork blood with sticky rice, schrimps, sausages...

 I bought some schrimp. The policewoman waits for the saleswoman to finish cooking for the foreign tourist...

... and leads her away as she is not allowed to sell at this spot during the day!

Dried pork meat: one of the local specialities

 These fishermen are paid to keep the river clean.

This is how Miao people carry everything, using a basket.

Local inhabitants were the poorest, the lowest of the society. It was a bad place to live, close to the river in some wooden houses.

Wearing Miao clothes.

Some officials visit the city.

Some shops make local nuts sweets using this hammer to crush the nut paste.

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