Thursday, December 26, 2013

Visiting Fenghuang part 2

Some of the dishes I had in Fenghuang.

White radish soup.

Some fish.

This is cooked steamed egg with soya sauce.

Bamboo dish.

Sea weed soup.

I took this photo taking a walk at night.

Even though Fenghuang is a touristic destination, many people didn't look wealthy.

Mother and daughter sell some souvenirs to tourists.

This man asked me to sit next to the fire. We discussed a little. He is a construction worker. He was waiting for the morning bus to take him back home in the countryside. 

In Chinese hotel you always have the police contact.

In the morning the river was foaming.

Local women washing clothes in the river. They beat the clothes with a wooden pad to clean them.

Most people ride motos in the countryside. Cars are too expensive.

You can see new constructions everywhere. I think these new building look fine. They are not too high and have a Chinese style.

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