Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Chinese "elite" send their children abroad?

More and more Chinese parents send their children abroad to study.

Of course they are not any parents. This is why I use the word "elite".
But I also write this in quotes. In fact we talk about a financial elite: they are the wealthiest nothing more. And what's more, middle classes as well do their best to send their children abroad.

What motivates Chinese parents to send their children study abroad?

Studying in a Chinese university doesn't guarantee a job!

Studying in a Chinese university doesn't guarantee to find a job! and if so not a good job!

In China there aren't many ways to get a good job:
Graduating from one of the top Chinese universities.
Your degree opens many doors and gives you access to a huge network.
Having money. 
With the right amount of money you can buy a job. You can pay for a job as a official or enter a big company. Even streets weepers buy their jobs in China!
Having a good network, a strong guanxi. 
Some parents own a company, work for some administration, for some company. They will help their child to work for the company, the administration.

Today as competition is fierce in China, it might not be enough to have only one of the three factors mentioned above. Some Chinese people tell me you need at least two... For instance both money and network.

Studying in a Chinese university is expensive and teachings can be mediocre

In China, next to first rank universities (such as Beida, Tsinghua, Fudan...), you find many universities from second and third category.
First rank universities gather the best and the most motivated students. What's more, these top universities recruit the best teachers. They receive important fundings and private donations.

Overall, scientific teachings is excellent.
Practical teachings such as mecanics are also good, students can use laboratories and learn some concrete know how. For instance: learning how to repair a train... 
However teachings that require a critical analysis still lack a lot. For instance: marketing studies have a long way to go. 
But it has nothing to do with a lack of creativity as I often hear. In fact Chinese people are very creative for art related topics such as photography, movie making...

The life of a Chinese college student is hell and Gaokao (university entrance exam) the ultimate goal!
Many Chinese parents fear sending their beloved children to the college (I say children and not child as wealthy Chinese parents from the "elite" pay to have more than one child). 
A college student life is hell:
College students wake up at 6am. They have classes from 7 or 7h30 to 5pm. In the evenings and week-ends, they have homework and private teachings. This teaching has one virtue: Chinese college students develop a strong ability to memorize anything. They also develop impressive calculus capacities.

Chinese college students ultimate goal is the Gaokao, the Chinese university entrance exam. 
Success or failure at this exam determines wether you can enter a university and which university. This has a main impact on your professionnal life and what job you might access (together with network and personnal wealth). 
The best students, the luckiest, the wealthiest access to the top universities: first category universities. I say the wealthiest as Chinese parents can make donations to universities. In counterpart, their child is awarded more points at his Gaokao!

These last years, college students competition increased, education became more expensive (with private lessons, gifts to teachers, donations...), globaly more tough. 
This leaves many marks. But the subject is taboo. You shouldn't talk about this... Chinese children break down. Two years ago in Yali, the "best" college in Changsha, a college student hung himself. Others cut their wrist open to attract parents attention.
Wealthy parents from the Chinese "elite" fear for their children! Several parents admitted that they fear for their child well-being as a Chinese college student.

Chinese "elites" think about ways to save their savings
China has always been a country of uncertainty throughout centuries. 
Being a foreigner in China you never know if your visa will be renewed one year to the next. 

But even Chinese "elites" live in fear.
At anytime they could be victim of some conflict of interest. They could be put aside. For instance, Chinese people working in administration should somehow take side.
And then, there is corruption identified or not: Networking (guanxi), invitations, presents to win a market, some customers... No rich successful Chinese businessman is innocent... 
The border between networking and corruption is thin, unclear. It is often a way to see things. 
Anyhow, newly rich "elites" save their wealth abroad. Sooner or later, many make a run for it!

"Elites" want to escape a killing and growing pollution
China is heavily polluted: Air is polluted. Water is polluted. Food is contaminated.
A common Chinese jokes says that China a miracle country. It is a miracle that there is still anyone alive in China with the pollution.

There is no hope for a change in politics in China. 
As the rest of the world, China follows its growth according a global growth models: roads, buildings, the all car, all i-phone...
Many wealthy Chinese people after they got rich (from polluting), leave the heavy pollution. Or they keep safe wife, children and savings abroad.

Let me use the opportunity to thank you for your support.
It is notably to resist and fight the all car, the all growth model that I write everyday.
I strongly believe that this model dooms Humankind and the planet in a very short future.
I hope to suggest you a more reasonnable consumption and according to your vital needs. And I want to share my impressions independantly of propaganda medias that obey the all growth model.

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