Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Chinese people beat us? no shame

I once told you that Chinese people have a main advantage over us:
They are always available as there is not strict barreer between public and private life.

Chinese people have a second huge advantage over us:
They have no shame. Or they will feel shame for different things as we do.

Let me illustrate this.
In China money is not dirty.
While in many western countries it was/ is not proper to negociate, or to talk money, in China you should, you must talk money!

For instance you can bargain as much as you want.
You can even accept some job and at the last minute ask for more money or start bargaining! There is no shame in that. It is all about how much you can earn. You should also consider your relation with others if you bargain at the last minutes or look at existing competition... But moral is never the issue here.
In China you can lie when you bargain.
In China you can ask for more, there is no shame in asking.
In China you must double check the money people give you.

In China take what you can.
Once I told you that if there were toilet paper in public toilets, it would be immediatly stolen.
In fact I notice that in China you can take what you can as long as nobody stops you then you are not doing anything bad.
For instance, you can sit at Mac Donald, not buy anything and bring your lunch box.
At the restaurant, you can ask for a doggy bag to bring back home the left over.

In China, cheat people if you can.
There has been many food scandals in China.
I showed you about the gutter oil. There was the contaminated milk powder, the cadmium rice...
Many Chinese people don't mind cheating on others. They probably wouldn't cheat you directly though.
Again I don't say that it is much better in the west, or that people are better. But there is probably a stronger sense of moral, a stronger sense of responsability toward others.

All this is about education.
In the end Chinese people are more fit for a consumering society.
As in our society, you must be good at talking, good at bargaining, good at selling.
You must never let shame or a too strong sense of moral restrict your action.

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