Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Chinese people speak in public?

When I first came to China, I was teaching some Chinese teenagers at some summer camp.
It was in a small city in Zheijiang province. Most Chinese people had seldom seen foreigners and they would stare at us on the street.
In the evening in the front of the city hall, there was a stage. 
Many Chinese people would sing, speak, perfom in front of thousands. We were asked to perform. It was really scary, intimidating. Today when I think back it is a great memory and experience.

Chinese people often have public shows. It is part of the education. One person speaks, act, sings in front of others. Others will encourage him.
In my classes I notice that my students like to do this. At first they will feel shy when asked to perform in front of their classmates. All the classmates applaude: "jia yo, jia yo: go, go". I think students love it.
Chinese people also love to sing in KTV. No one will criticize but instead encourage you to sing.

Where does this practise come from?
It think it is a communist education.  Everyone participates to the public life.
All are encourage to express themselves in public and perfom in front of others.
Chinese people are educated to listen to each others. But in fact this doesn't mean that there is any debate.
As I once told you in Chinese administration, leaders express their views and take turn to speak. Though there will be little open confrontation.

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