Sunday, December 1, 2013

Why we can not understand Chinese people?

There is an important cultural gap between China and the west.
These culture differences make it difficult for us to understand Chinese people.

Politeness is totally different in China.
I once told you about this. In China it was/ is not deemed unpolite to burp, fart, start eating without waiting... 

But this is much more complex.
Different rules are set by a different logic and a different way of thinking.
Also what might appear unfair to us has all its place in a different society set up.

One obvious example is how car drivers use their klaxon. 
In China cars will honk when they drive. They will honk to warn you that they are coming or are passing you or simply as a way to tell you to go faster! But in the west it is very unpolite to honk like this.
Our patience is limited. And it can take a westerner years of driving in a Chinese setting to reformat.

The use of mobile phone is another obvious example of the cultural gap.
Chinese people use their phone even as they eat. In the west you should focus your attention to the personn in front of you, not on some phone.

There are many more example of behaviours we would deem as unproper: shouting, waiter standing very close to your table...
Each one of these behaviours has a clear logic in the Chinese society!

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